Working at Aviko Rixona

Want to work at Aviko Rixona? Aviko Rixona is purely engaged in dehydrated potato products. In this branch, potatoes are processed into mashed potatoes, then dried and converted into potato flakes or potato granules. Aviko Rixona has its own departments for:

  • Production 
  • Engineering
  • Marketing 
  • Sales 
  • Finance 
  • QA 
  • R&D
  • Supply chain
  • HR


Our locations 

The head office of the Aviko Rixona is located in Venray. Around 170 employees realize a turnover of more than 70 million euro. The production facilities are also located in Venray (south of the Netherlands) and Warffum (in the north). Aviko Rixona is also responsible for the marketing and sales of potato flakes made at the three French Fries plants of Aviko, Lomm in the Netherlands, Rain am Lech in Germany, Lębork in Poland and in the Area of Gansu China.

More information about job opportunities at Aviko Rixona

Would you like to know more about the various career opportunities at Aviko Rixona? Feel free to take a look at: Jobs at Aviko. Also if you are looking for a suitable internship, or when you are about to graduate, you will hardly find a better employer than Aviko Rixona.

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