Quality & Certification

Rixona produces it's high quality dried potato products for the food industry in full compliance with all hygiene, quality and safety regulations. The whole production process of Rixona is in accordance with the highest standards. Rixona is proud to be recognized as an outstanding organization, proving our performance in supplying high quality products against the most competitive prices.

Production processes

Potato growing is actually the first step of our production process, because the better the raw material, the better the finished product. The potatoes are grown food-safe certified. During the growing season, samples are taken from the land to gain an early indication of the quality and the 'coarseness' of the coming harvest. This quality analysis is continued during the harvest and the storage season, in order to continuously monitor the quality of the raw material. We actively invest in the guidance of our growers, which includes organizing seminars with current topics related to the cultivation, storage and quality. Our Agronomy department is occupied with testing of new potato varieties and adapted techniques.

Extensive testing

Every step within the production process is critically reviewed by a dedicated team of staff and if needed they are able to make improvements even during the production process (operation excellence). The continuity of product quality is subjected to the most extensive testing in the quality laboratory. The outcome of our research activity is implemented consistently. Hereby we can guarantee that our products exceed expectations and specifications.

Innovative recipes

Thanks to our understanding of ingredients, technical expertise, applications and processes, we are able to produce recipes and provide innovative concepts like for example, high quality instant mashed potatoes, combined with optimal flexibility and high customer service levels that meet your exact requirements. We have acquired certification from the following independent agencies:

  • IFS (International Food Standard)
  • BRC (British Retail Consortium, higher level)
  • AIB (American Institute of Baking)
  • Kosher (according to the Orthodox Union)
  • Halal (according to the specification of the Muslim community)

More information about Rixona quality and certification

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