We are proud to be recognized as an Operational Excellence organization, proving Rixona's outstanding performance in supplying high quality potato products against the most competitive prices. Thanks to our understanding of ingredients, applications and processes, we are able to produce potato products, recipes and innovative concepts with optimal flexibility and high customer service levels that meet the exact requirements in retail.

Instant mashed potato to everyone's taste

The global demand for tasty, healthy and natural food is increasing. Rixona's potato products mirror these current trends. Our instant mashed potato meets demands for tastier and healthier products and also satisfies the increasing need to prepare food quickly and easily. Rixona makes its instant mashed potato directly from thresh potatoes, which guarantees the consumer a minimum loss of nutritional value. Furthermore, we offer a variety of mashed potato products to meet the needs of all groups - from a single- person household to large families. The perfect mashed potato, packed in the ideal way.


  • Basic mashed potato
  • Mashed potato with milk (powder) and spices- with or without salt
  • Mashed potato with added vegetables
  • Mashed potato for stews
  • Mashed potato for oven dishes



Packaging solutions (standard):

  • 4 x 125 gr
  • 3 x 110 gr
  • 3 x 115 gr
  • 6 x 85 gr

* The packaging forms and specification can always be discussed.
We make every effort to adjust it to your wishes in size and appearance.

How it's made

Differences between potato granules and potato flakes:

Potato flakes

  • Dimensions: 1/2/3-5 mm 
  • Very good cold water absorption 
  • Consistency after preparation: Airy 
  • Used in bakery products for shelf life extension 
  • Low bulk density 
  • E-number free product available

Use: In mash, extrusion, sheeting, coating, bakery (freshness), meat(binding), soups, sauces, gnocchi, dumplings.

Potato granules

  • Dimensions: 100% < 0.25 mm 
  • Very good hot water binding (can be whisked without creating pastiness) 
  • Consistency after preparation: Compact 
  • Use as thickening agent in hot processes
  • Increase crispy/ crunchy texture in snack 
  • High bulk density

Use: In mash, extrusion, sheeting, soups and sauces.

More information about Rixona products for retail

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