Potato Cheezz

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Innovative plant based cheese made from potatoes: different, tasty, and healthy!

There's no more denying it: plant-based foods are booming, and consumers are increasingly gravitating towards food that contains animal products. Plant-based products are animal-friendly, environmentally friendly, and healthy. The rise of plant-based food is a game-changer for the food sector. Aware of this development, Aviko Rixona - a renowned producer of dried potato products - was eager to explore the potential of extracting even more added value from potatoes! The company is now the first in the market to launch Potato Cheezz: cheese made from potatoes.

Potato Cheezz looks like cheese, tastes like cheese, and has a similar texture to cheese. What makes this plant-based cheese so unique and innovative? Potato Cheezz is salt-free, fat-free, and lactose-free! This makes Potato Cheezz many times healthier than cheese and all other plant-based cheeses. Potato Cheezz is completely in line with the growing consumer demand to eat vegan and eco-friendly.

Food industry

Potato Cheezz is the ideal replacement for cheese in finger foods, snacks, or fillings in meat substitutes. A special version of Potato Cheezz is available for use as a pizza topping or gratin. This Potato Cheezz is available in 10-kilogram blocks.

About Aviko Rixona

Over the past 100 years, Aviko Rixona has grown to become a leading, globally operating producer of dried potato granules and flakes. Rixona supplies its products to various industries in the food sector in more than 60 countries on all five continents. Aviko Rixona is part of Aviko and Royal Cosun. Owned by some 8,400 sugar beet growers, Royal Cosun is a leading international agricultural cooperative that has been operating for almost 125 years. Royal Cosun's mission is to unlock the full potential of plants within a transparent, circular process and turn them into valuable, plant-based solutions.

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