Ras® Fries, like no other you have ever seen

Ras® Fries

Your customers love to eat French Fries, but they also love variety. Surprise them with Ras® fries. A natural, quality product from the Netherlands with an entirely original taste and character. Always deliciously fresh, crunchy and with less fat content than ordinary French fries. The alternative French fries for today's discerning consumer.

Natural product

Since 1954 Ras® fries have been made only from the best, especially-selected potatoes. Thanks to their tried and tested methods, experienced growers guarantee a consistently excellent quality. Rixona potato powder is made from potatoes and all you need to do is to add water.

Quick to prepare

We have developed a special machine for the preparation and cutting of Ras® fries to exactly the right size. It works with just the press of a button. You can decide quite simply the length of the French fries yourself. The process is very quick; in about two minutes your Ras® fries are golden and crunchy and ready to eat.

What Ras® fries mean to your business

  • Consistently high quality
  • You can decide the length of the French fries
  • You can precisely measure portions
  • High financial return
  • Less storage space required
  • No waste, no loss
  • Quick to process
  • Hygienic processing system
  • Mix can be kept for up to 24 hours (refrigerated)
  • Ras® potato granules can be kept unrefrigerated for up to one year
  • Less frying time
  • Less oil absorption
  • Different choices
  • A delicious different taste
  • Less waiting time

What Ras® fries mean to you customers

  • Different choices
  • A delicious different taste
  • Less waiting time

More information about Ras® fries

Would you like to know more about Ras® fries? Please contact Aviko Rixona BV.




How to prepare RAS fries