The solution for the professional kitchens in foodservice

Aviko Rixona specializes in a superior, consistent quality of instant mashed potato for the professional kitchen in foodservice. We offer a wide variety of potato flakes and potato granules that are tasty and healthy, as well as quick and easy to prepare.

Instant potato mash

Aviko Rixona has ideal instant potato products that every kitchen needs, from easy soluble products requiring no heating to a wide range of recipes specifically developed for the professional kitchen. Do you have special requests? We can develop products to meet your exact requirements, using specific ingredients. The care we take in the recipe is the care we also take in the packaging of our potato products: Rixona will find a customized solution whenever you need it.


Aviko Rixona has the following varieties:

  • Mashed potato with milk powder (from skimmed to full milk)
  • Mashed potato for cold preparation
  • Mashed potato for Cook & Chill low salt varieties
  • Mashed potato for stews etc.

Our own brand for mashed potatoes

Discover Puree du Maitre. Puree du Maitre is the ideal instant mashed potato solution for the professional kitchen. Puree du Maitre is quick and easy to prepare, it has a consistent, superior quality is tasty, healthy and comes in a complete assortment of plain en enriched varieties, available as a potato granules of potato flake product. In summary; it satisfies all demands of the professional kitchen.

pdm zak 5kg

Packaging solutions

  • 4 x 4,5 kg 
  • 6 x 2,5 kg
  • 5 kg
  • 20 kg
  • 25 kg


How it's made

Differences between potato granules and potato flakes:

Potato flakes

  • Dimensions: 1/2/3-5 mm 
  • Very good cold water absorption 
  • Consistency after preparation: Airy 
  • Used in bakery products for shelf life extension 
  • Low bulk density 
  • E-number free product available

Use: In mash, extrusion, sheeting, coating, bakery (freshness), meat(binding), soups, sauces, gnocchi, dumplings.

Potato granules

  • Dimensions: 100% < 0.25 mm 
  • Very good hot water binding (can be whisked without creating pastiness) 
  • Consistency after preparation: Compact 
  • Use as thickening agent in hot processes
  • Increase crispy/ crunchy texture in snack 
  • High bulk density

Use: In mash, extrusion, sheeting, soups and sauces.

More information about Rixona products for foodservice

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