For more than 60 years we are manufacturers of dehydrated potato products and by now we're one of the leading global market players. We make it our business to know yours. It is our job to know your market, to know your production processes and the way you use our potato products.

Product support

We can support you in many different ways, be it with know-how regarding the various applications of our dehydrated potato products, potato packaging issues or questions regarding potato ingredients used in the multitude of applications within the food industry.

The highest standards

Rixona's products meet the highest standards, we have perfected our production process in such a way that the quality of our potato flakes and potato granules does not vary, even during periods of great fluctuations in potato qualities. Therefore we are able to supply our customers a high quality product all year round. This is perhaps our most important distinguishing service.


Rixona produces its dehydrated potato products according to all the rules and regulations known to the food industry regarding hygiene, quality and safety. We have acquired certificates from various agencies as IFS, BRC, AIB, Kosher and Halal.

More information about our products

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