Aviko Potato

Always looking for the highest returns

In order to achieve our goals, Aviko Potato work closely with more than 1,000 potato growers, who are all highly-skilled entrepreneurs. They realise that producing high-quality potato products begins with the basics: their potatoes. Together with the growers we try to achieve the highest possible return for their product. The ROI is our daily focus at Aviko Potato. We require an outstanding performance from our growers, but in exchange we offer excellent contract conditions and accurate taring. Our good relationship with our growers is based on trust, honest advice, commitment and regular communication. This is how Aviko Potato makes a difference.

We know how to deliver quality

The washing and sorting line is located at the factory in Steenderen. Here, 2,000 tonnes of potatoes are washed and graded every day before being transported with the correct  specifications onto the processing lines. Food safety is vital during the growth, storage and transport of all potatoes processed by Aviko. During the growing and storage season, we analyse samples from batches contracted from the growers. In this way we constantly monitor the available quality.

Six months and… one hour makes delicious fries

Aviko takes its time to produce its delicious fries: six months and a little over an hour. Six months of growing crops in the fields and a little over an hour for processing in the factory. Processing potatoes into fries, slices, dices, wedges, croquettes, rösti, potato mash, potato flakes, potato granules and many other potato products continue 365 days a year, 24 hours a day. All these potato products have their own specifications for which we select the right crop based on variety characteristics like underwater weight, frying colour, sugar content, length, etc.

More than 45 years of experience

The foundations for Aviko Potato were laid in 1968, when potato trading company Korteweg in Swifterbant was founded. The company grew into a leading supplier of the Dutch, German, and Belgian potato processing industries. Since its acquisition by Aviko in 1998, the company has focused on the procurement of raw materials for the processing plants within the Aviko Group, which is part of the agro-industrial cooperative Royal Cosun. In 2007, the washing and grading station was opened in Steenderen and Aviko Potato moved to Dronten, in the heart of one of Holland's most important potato cultivation regions. A lot has changed in just over 45 years, yet one thing has remained the same: At Aviko Potato it is still all about potatoes!

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