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Our potato procurement

Our selection of potato varieties is tailored to meet the demands of different product types, ensuring optimal performance and quality in every application.

Diverse potato varieties

For our extensive range of potato products, we source a wide variety of potatoes, taking into account the following key factors:

  • Soil type: Selecting the right variety for specific soil conditions.
  • Disease resistancy: Ensuring healthy crops.
  • Harvest timing: Coordinating the delivery month.
  • Storage characteristics: Having the best storage conditions and improving raw material shelf life.
  • Accurate raw materials designation: Allocating varieties according to their individual characteristics. 
potato procurement

Sustainable partnerships

The Netherlands offer an excellent infrastructure and ideal climate for potato cultivation. Here, and in other parts of Northern Europe, we have built sustainable relationships with our growers over decades. 

Ensuring a consistent supply

Our close, decades-long collaboration with a dedicated network of growers enable us to maintain reliable production and meet our customers' needs effectively.