Potato procurement

Potato Procurement

Potatoes have become a staple food in many parts of the world and an integral part of much of the world's food supply. It is the world's fourth-largest food crop.

The importance of the potato as a food source and culinary ingredient varies by region and is still changing. It remains an essential crop in Europe, especially eastern and central Europe, where the potato production is still the highest in the world, while the most rapid expansion in production over the past few decades has occurred in southern and eastern Asia, with China and India leading the world in overall production.

Dehydrated potato mash products

The potato has become common in our kitchens and products, but the time pressure for processing these crops is much higher. And then we are not yet talking about the limited shelf life of fresh potatoes. Rixona supplies dehydrated potato products that you can use for various dishes, snacks and potato based products at any time. The only thing you have to add is water.

Potato varieties

For the production of its large assortment of potato specialties, Aviko Potato contracts a wide range of potato varieties. Different criteria influence the choice of the variety, such as the type of soil, the nematode resistances, the delivery month, the storage characteristics, and the planned destination (baked products, chilled products, or flakes-granules). Check and download the description sheets of the varieties:

More information about Potato pocurement

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