Sustainable measures for environmentally friendly production

A healthy earth is essential to us all. That is why sustainability is one of Aviko Rixona's key pillars. With innovative electrification techniques and skilled personnel, we strive to make our production process as environmentally friendly as possible. This enables us to reduce our use of fossil fuels and significantly reduce our carbon footprint. In this way, we also want to be an attractive employer and a sustainable business partner.

More efficient use of raw materials

In the production of flakes and granules, a lot of water is evaporated and energy is consumed. By making even more efficient use of our raw materials, we can further minimise waste. We want to use and add value to 100% of the potato. Aviko Rixona is already taking significant steps in the area of sustainability: we are combating food waste by giving our co-products a new purpose, reducing our water consumption and purifying used water for reuse. In addition, we are constantly looking for more sustainable ways to package our products in order to further reduce waste in the chain.

More information

Read more about Aviko Rixona's sustainability ambitions in Aviko's sustainability report 2023.