About Royal Cosun


Royal Cosun is an agro-industrial cooperative. Our ambition is to optimally use the vegetable raw materials. Good for the environment, financial return and it responds to the social need for responsible products and processes. We manufacture ingredients for food, non-food applications and the chemical industry.

Since 1898

Royal Cosun was established nearly 120 years ago by Dutch sugar beet growers who united themselves in a cooperative. Today, the cooperative has some 8,800 member/ shareholders and has grown into a business with 3,900 employees [in FTE] and a group turnover of about €2 billion annually.

Companies working under Royal Cosun

Royal Cosun is an agri-industrial group firmly rooted in the primary sector. The companies that belong to Royal Cosun are:

These companies produce food ingredients and products that make their way to the food industry, foodservice sector and retail channels. In addition, the group is increasingly focusing on components for non-food applications.

Royal Cosun's ambition

Cosun's ambition is to get the most out of its raw materials: this is good for the environment, profitability and meets society's demand for responsible products and production methods. The Cosun companies also supply products to the animal feed sector and residual products are used to produce biogas. Why? Plants turn sunlight into energy and store it in the form of foodstuffs such as sugars. We extract those valuable components from the vegetable raw materials in our factories. And that is not all; there are many more valuable substances in plants.

More information about Royal Cosun

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